Anthony Drane:

User Experience Designer

Sydney, NSW

While the journalist in me seeks to discern meaningful insights from data, the designer in me utilises divergent and convergent thinking to solve human problems in innovative ways.

Website Redesign | City Water Technology | 2017

Framing Business Development Within Client Needs

A modular and integrated web solution which allows potential clients to quickly determine the competencies, key people and reference projects, of a water treatment consultancy, within the context of their needs.

Concept Mobile App | OzHarvest | 2017

Understanding Food Waste & Barriers to Sustainability

A meal planning app to help people lessen their food consumption footprint via planning facilitation, education, goal setting and motivational insights.

Web-App UI Ideation | BEcoME. Education | 2018

BEcoME. Education

BEcoME. is creating a paradigm-shifting career exploration web application, preparing critical-age students for the new world of work. I absorbed pre-existing research & generated high-level UI designs to create a flowing, single-page experience.

Product Design | ProAuto Group | 2018

ProAuto Group

ProAuto is a group of automotive dealers who are re-imagining their day-to-day processes with technology. I owned the design process, from discovery to testing, of an application that supports salespeople & generates meaningful data for dealers & manufacturers.

Thanks for stopping by! My name's Anthony, and I'm a journalist turned UX Designer. I tend to be good at asking insightful questions, planning roadmaps to reach a desired goal and simplifying complex ideas.

My preference for the first one-and-a-half diamonds of the UX double-diamond means I'm at home exploring the problem space, determining the appropriate methodologies for the situation and discovering the right 'How Might We' to solve for. When it comes to designing, I take a blue-sky approach to ideation; cross-pollinating ideas as well as thinking outside of the box. Then, following broad ideation, I apply reality checks in the form of synthesis, dialogue with others and testing, to ensure concepts have real-world value (i.e. are viable, feasible & desirable).


I believe in asking why and advocating for naked truth first and foremost - this requires talking to people, testing hypothesis', and questioning assumptions. As such, I investigate and collaborate with stakeholders, designers, users and any related parties I can get my hands on, to discover the insights that allow for simple, intuitive and useful designs.


I’m motivated to fail fast, cheap and early so the right solution is found before the fallacy of sunk costs takes over. Investing time up front leads to win-wins for organisations and the people they serve, and gives products and services the best opportunity to thrive in the darwinian free market.


I see the world as a complex and interconnected set of systems. As such, I want to understand and learn from diverse industries and groups of people, believing every project will inform the next. I appreciate the multidisciplinary nature of UX Design, which aligns with my interests in philosophy, psychology & futurism.

Anthony is a great designer and was a great asset to have on the project we worked on together. He can think outside the box, and is great at understanding the complexities of business and user needs.
Alissa Condra BEcoME. Education (via Auxo)
Anthony was very communicative in ensuring our needs and expectations were met. The final results of the project were more than we could have hoped for and we look forward to taking things into the next stage.
Audrey Knickerbocker City Water Technology

One year immersed in the world of UX Design has deepened my understanding and competencies, but also enlightened me to the relevant experience and soft-skills that translate from my professional and educational history:

Six months of 'Design in Visual Communication' at UTS taught me fundamentals in typography, markings & composition.

A Bachelor's degree in journalism at CSU taught me critical thinking, writing, debate, presenting, research and storytelling.

A news cadetship at 2MCE local radio taught me interviewing, design for audience, presenting & mentoring.

Video editing lead stories on national news bulletins taught me stakeholder engagement, visual storytelling and working under the pressure.

I’m looking for UX opportunities in highly collaborative teams. Somewhere that takes projects through research to production, invests time into their people's growth and focuses on innovation OR positive impact. View my Resume.

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